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Learn the Key to the Florida Keys!

The Key to the Keys…The Ocean!

There is so much in the Keys that revolves around the ocean and the surrounding waters.

To truly enjoy the Florida Keys, you have to be out there.

 Choose Wisely … Match Your Personality & Your Wallet!

At KeyzBoats Boat Rentals and Capt. Hook’s, we have three ways to get you out on the ocean and surrounding waters. You can rental a boat for one day or more, a week or a month. Take a specialty cruise and meet new friends or book a private boat charter for your family and friends!

KeyzBoats Rental Boats

KeyzBoats Boat Rentals is now located at Capt. Hook’s Marina & Dive Center in Marathon, FL.

Keyzboats has both center console and deck boats that can accommodate up to 12 passengers. All of their boats have fuel-efficient 4-stroke engines. All are equipped with all of the Coast Guard approved equipment required and an electronics package for navigating, communicating and enjoying the local waters. 

The advantage of being located at Capt. Hook’s is that everything for fun on the ocean is available right at the marina. The marina has fuel, live, fresh & frozen bait, tackle best suited for the area’s fishing, a dive shop, dive rental gear, air fills, VIPs, repairs, food, snacks & beverages, ice, everything you need for a good time on the ocean.

To learn more about the boats available to rent, click on the Learn More button below.

If you are interested in talking with someone about KeyzBoats Boat Rentals, please call 305-923-4930.

Capt. Hook's Specialty Cruises

Capt. Hook’s specialty cruises consist of our Out-Island Excursion, Sunset cruises, and Holiday cruises.

These cruises are usually booked similar to our dive trips. They require a minimum of 10 passengers and often start out with a customer wanting to do the cruise and then it builds to meet the minimum passenger level. This is a great way to meet enjoy the Keys with like-minded people that want to be on the water enjoying the unique ecosystem and beautiful sunsets we have here in the Florida Keys!

Capt. Hook's Private Boat Charters

Capt. Hook’s has five boats to choose from ranging in size from 31ft to 45ft with up to a 49 passenger capacity to create your private charter. Each private charter includes the captain, mate with a boat dedicated to your party.

Many of our customers choose to dive or snorkel with family and friends without other people onboard. Our private charter is perfect for this. We have had mini-lobster season trips for larger families that wanted to do the activity together. For those charters, we have included a divemaster to help newcomers to lobstering, a mate and a captain.

We have had wedding party cruises before, for the ceremony, and after the wedding. We also conduct Memorial at Sea cruises with the spreading of the ashes in the ocean as a private charter.

With enough time and planning, we can tailor a cruise for you with the help of local businesses and bring together that perfect cruise. To learn more about our Specialty Cruises and our Private Boat Charters, click on the Learn More button below.


If you are interested in talking with someone about KeyzBoats Boat Rentals, please call 305-743-2444 for Capt. Hook’s Marathon location, 305-872-9863 for the Big Pine Key location and 305-296-3823 for the Key West location.

KeyzBoats Rental Boats

Capt. Hook’s Private Charter Boats

Capt. Hook’s Specialty  Cruises