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You have a choice when you come to the Keys. You can rental a boat, take a specialty cruise or a private charter.

KeyzBoats Rental Boats

Capt. Hook’s partners with KeyzBoats to provide you with the best rental boat operator in the Marathon area.

Keyzboats has both center console and deck boats that can accommodate up to 12 passengers.


Capt. Hook's Specialty Cruises

Capt. Hook’s specialty cruises consist of our Out-Island Excursion, Sunset cruises, Holiday Cruises and Memorial at Sea cruises.

Capt. Hook's Private Charters

Capt. Hook’s has five boats to choose from ranging in size from 31 feet to 45 feet to create a private charter. 

Many of our private charter customers like to dive or snorkel with family and friends without other people onboard. The private charter is perfect for this.

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